World-renowned artist Grayson Perry and dear friend of Deafinitely Theatre has designed us a beautiful badge incorporating Grayson's signature wit and creativity with a symbolic representation of deafness through the image of the white cat.


"My inspiration came in the form of my daughter's cat Casper. Like about 50% of all white cats, he is completely deaf so I thought he would make a good mascot and I have done him with two heads like the traditional theatre masks but also like a conversation." Grayson Perry

Proceeds of the badge will go to Deafinitely Theatre, helping us to continue producing deaf-led theatre for everyone. You can buy your badge now from the National Theatre Shop

Here is Artistic Director Paula Garfield with the story behind the inspiration for the badge. 

In British Sign Language with voice over and captions 

"Grayson Perry's image of the white cat is a strong representation of deafness. Many white cats, including my own, are born Deaf due to their genetics and people often assume these pets are unable to fend for themselves because of their deafness, but Grayson and I both know that such animals are just as independent and strong-willed as any hearing cat" Paula Garfield