Deafinitely Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Lyric Hammersmith Theatre present


Co-Written by Paula Garfield and Melissa Mostyn

Directed by Paula Garfield

Watch us announce our Spring 2024 touring co-production! 

The Promise is a new play, directed and co-written by our Artistic Director, Paula Garfield, with co-writer Melissa Mostyn, inspired by true stories and looks at how dementia affects people in the deaf community and their families. 

Rita is really confused.

She can’t understand why the deaf education system she’s tirelessly championed throughout her teaching career is getting worse and worse, or why there is only one care home in the whole of England that looks after people in her language. On the Isle of Wight. 

She’s also confused about where her family is, and why she can’t remember where the milk goes… 

Every show will be in British Sign Language and spoken English, with captions.

Paula Garfield, the Artistic Director of Deafinitely Theatre said: "The Promise is a unique opportunity to present an authentic story of the barriers deaf people with dementia face within the healthcare system. Communication breakdowns, and the knock-on effects these have on their own and families’ well-being are huge issues that audiences should be educated on.

There are many deaf people who have been affected by dementia, yet their stories have never been told. Many people are unaware of how to seek support, or information about dementia is mostly in written English, which can be a huge barrier. The play serves as a poignant example of how easily basic human rights can be compromised."


The Rep, Birmingham

5 April - 13 April 2024


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Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, London

30 April - 11 May 2024

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