On 12 February 2021 we hosted our first World Café event with our friends at Improbable theatre company. The Future of Deaf Theatre brought together leaders from across the theatre industry in the UK and Europe to discuss four important topics.

What are the best ways to tour to deaf audiences? 

How can we prevent deaf and disabled performers from being left behind after Covid-19? 

How can we create more opportunities for deaf artists from underrepresented groups? 

How can we support young deaf people to get involved? 

The World Café event took place on Zoom so that people could call in from across the UK and Europe (which meant we had to make our own cups of tea and coffee and bring our own biscuits). 

The conversations were passionate and full of hope and brilliant ideas and we are proud to share this visual report from the event.

You can download the report here.

We were really inspired by the discussion and the changes that we can make as theatre companies and buildings. Cultural changes don’t happen overnight, but they need to happen. Deafinitely Theatre is going to do everything it can to make positive changes happen in the industry. 

If you want to get involved in the conversation, please get in touch with us at [email protected] — we would love to hear from you and the steps that you or your organisation is taking. 

We would like to thank the Arts Council, the DCMS Cultural Recovery Fund and our partner Improbable, who made this event possible. 

Booking for this event has now closed.