About the show 

Setting sail on a daring global race, a small family encounter trials that test their bonds and resilience. When stranded on an island, Kiyani explores connection with the island's animals and the joy of community, no matter how small.

In the distant echo of the future, Kiyani brings us into his memories and remembers Saoni, the guardian of the island, as he awaits the verdict of a landmark court case. Can we to dare to dream of a world where we can care for any animal or person, even if we do not know them by name?

Deafinitely Youth Theatre 2023-2024 present Are We All Islands?, led in British Sign Language. The production is co-directed by Dilara Earle & Nadeem Islam.



Clinton Osondu
Danni-Lee Piner
Ezra Dachi
Harry Lee
Jude Powell
Paris Thompson
Queenie Osondu
Tymal Bradshaw

Stage Manager 
Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford

Creative Interpreters
Harry Jardine
Samantha Baines
Paul Pryce-Jones 
Tom Simper

Creative Team 

Dilara Earle - Co-Director
Nadeem Islam - Co-Director
Paul Burgess - Set, Costume & AV Designer
Chris Bartholomew - Sound Designer 
Tom Mulliner - Lighting Designer

Booking for this event has now closed.