How do you get the attention of a deaf person? 

What is 'deaf culture'? 

How can I communicate with a deaf person. 

Is all 'deafness' the same?

Is all sign language universal? 

Just some of the many questions you may have about deaf people and deaf culture. Don't worry, it's perfectly natural to have questions and we are here to help you and your organisation feel confident in connecting with deaf people. 

Deafinitely Theatre deliver bespoke consultancy and training with arts organisations across the UK, equipping them with the skills to develop a better awareness of the needs of deaf professionals and audience members. With over 15 years experience as a deaf led company, we have established ourselves as the go-to place for advice and training. 

Our fun and informative Deaf Equality Training sessions can be adapted to suit your company's needs, and include:

  • How to speak to deaf people
  • Deaf Culture
  • Facts and myths
  • Common mistakes
  • Basic Sign Language - specific to your company's needs
  • Correct terminology 
  • The difference between deaf and Deaf

Please contact us to discus your needs.