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It's the time of year for our annual Youth Theatre and we wish we could get together as much as you do! We really want to keep our creative workshops and adventures going during this hard time. So, we have decided social distancing can't keep us apart!

We’ve got some exciting online drama activities lined up completely FREE. It’s a great place for you to develop your drama experience, communication skills, meet other young deaf people and learn more about getting involved in theatre. And you don’t even have to leave the house (though we know you want to!).


Signed Poetry

Get it off your chest or wrap joy into neat little containers of language. Let's get creative and inventive. You will be guided on the fundamentals of Sign Language poetry, and then given different starting points and tools for igniting new poems in you. This space welcomes written English poetry and BSL poetry

2pm - 5pm


VV (Visual Vernacular)

The fundamentals will be taught and you’ll have the tools to create your own VV materials.

2pm - 5pm



What will I get out of taking part?

  • You will learn a range of performance skills.
  • You'll work with professional theatre-makers and gain a wide range of skills.
  • Meet other deaf and hearing young people with similar interests and make new friends.
  • You will also learn communication and team building skills

Do I need previous experience?

  • No. We welcome newcomers, so no previous experience is required. 

Will there be breaks?

  • There will be plenty of breaks. Being on Zoom for long periods of time can be tiring so we will make sure that we schedule lots of breaks and add more if you need.

How will the workshops work?

  • You will need to a have Zoom downloaded on your computer with a webcam. You will get more from the session if you use a computer rather than your phone.

Will the Zoom workshops be secure? 

  • We take the security of online activity very seriously and the Zoom workshops will take place on Deafinitely Theatre's secure Zoom account which is password protected. There will be two DBS checked staff members of the zoom at all times and participants will not be able to record sessions on their computer. To find out more about our safeguarding, please see out Safeguarding Policy. 

Do I need to attend all workshops?

  • No. You can attend only one workshop or all. it's up to you.

If you have any more questions about taking part, please email us at [email protected]