Gargantua - Deafinitely Youth Company

Saturday 23rd February Deafinitely Youth Company perform Gargantua, an absurd tale of a giant baby of mass destruction! Read more

4.48: MAKING VOICES HEARD - Panel Discussion

12th October 2018: Join Deafinitely Theatre for a relaxed panel discussion on Where do we go from here? How to make a noise and improve, nearly 20 years on from the original first production of 4.48 Psychosis, how can we ensure we improve the provision for deaf mental health Read more


9th October 2018: As part of the 4.48 series of events, Deafinitley Theatre were joined by a range of deaf mental health academics and experts exploring what advances we hope to see in deaf mental health provision in the future.  Read more

4.48: BREAKING THE SILENCE - Panel Discussion

5th October 2018: Join Deafinitely Theatre and a panel of deaf mental health professionals for a relaxed panel discussion asking why people, and in particular men, and even more so deaf men, find the topic of mental health taboo to discuss. Read more

Raising The Bar 2018

Deafinitely Theatre will be providing workshops at this years Raising The Bar by NDCS. Read more

Sign Interpreted Theatre Panel Discussion

Deafinitely Theatre and Unlimited held an event at Southbank Centre to discuss theatre interpreting for deaf audiences – what works, what doesn’t, what more is needed? Read more