Huge congratulations are in order for our exceptional Artistic Director, Paula Garfield, for being honoured with an MBE in the King's Birthday Honours list. This prestigious award recognises Paula's outstanding contribution to the arts and her profound impact on the community!

A message from Paula: 

"I feel immensely privileged to receive this great honour in the King’s Birthday Honours list.  I’ve been awarded an MBE. This award recognises my work over the last 20 years in establishing Deafinitely Theatre and service to the Deaf Community.  I feel proud and humbled by this unexpected honour. I was most surprised when I received the letter informing me of the award. On reflection, this honour is proof that no matter if you are born profoundly deaf, if you experience language deprivation throughout your upbringing and have neurodiversity - I am dyslexic myself - you can still succeed. It takes fighting. And yes there have been many barriers and challenges to face and overcome. So many people told me I can’t do this. But I preserved.  I challenged them.  This award recognises all the hard work and struggles over many years. I feel so honoured to receive this. I must say thank you to the Deaf Community. I must thank all the Creative people, it’s been amazing to work with you over the 20 years. Deafinitely Theatre has grown and gone from strength to strength. We’ve become a nationally and internationally recognised theatre.  This shows the value of our important work. This award recognises and validates all of this work. I feel moved and deeply touched. Thanks to you all."