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Deafinitely Theatre bids farwell to two of its staff

3 March 2015

Hello it's Mark Sands here, Executive Director of Deafinitely Theatre. I have some news to announce. After ten years with the company, I've decided it's my turn time to move on. I feel really good about the company. We have a new vision this year and a really exciting three-year plan so I feel like it's the best time to move on. And for me personally, it's time to start pursuing my own projects. So from August onwards this year I will be setting myself up as a freelance producer.

I feel really confident that Deafinitely Theatre has another ten years ahead of it with exciting projects lined up. So, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for my time here. I’ve learnt so much in ten years and I’m really looking forward to what Deafinitely Theatre will do next.

Hello! After watching Mark's farewell message, well he isn't the only one leaving- I'm leaving definitely theatre too! You might be wondering if all the staff are leaving but really it's only two of us!

Mark's career is taking off and I'm leaving because of my career too. For the last two years at DT I've been focused on my role in Marketing. This means promoting the company through our newsletter, social media, (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and also spreading the word about the workshops we regularly run and the productions we create. It's been an amazing two years and I've learnt so much, but whilst doing this Marketing role part-time I was also focused on my acting career. So that's the reason I'm leaving my marketing role to give sole focus to acting. I'm so grateful to Deafinitely Theatre for all I've learnt and it's been wonderful to work with such a creative team. Marketing and media in the theatre world has been so amazing and it's given me the confidence to go out and pursue acting, - without this experience I perhaps wouldn't feel so confident to take this step.

So, I'd like to say a big thank you to DT, all the best and good luck to the company for a successful future. Who knows what will happen with my new career! Thank you.

Something Else Advertising

3 February 2015

We are very excited to tell you about our next production coming up in March of this year which is aimed at children from 3-6 and even up to 8 years old.

We welcome families, brothers, sisters, who are deaf or hearing can come along as the play is bilingual. The play will be very visual including some British Sign Language and we will also use spoken word as well. So the play can be enjoyed equally by all children, deaf and hearing, their families and friends, grandmas and granddads and any other family members can all watch together.

The show will be about 1 hour long, perfect timing! There are 3 places around the UK where you can watch the show, in London at the Stratford Circus Theatre on the 20th & 21st March, in Birmingham at the Old Rep Theatre on the 31st March and in Wolverhampton at the Arena Theatre on the 15th May. So make sure you book your tickets now before they’re all gone and it’s too late! There are 4 performances in London and then one each in Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

You can visit our website for contact details of each of the three venues:
Buy tickets NOW

Hope to see you there in March and I hope all the children will be excited about the show!

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